Young Eagles Club Meetings Start Sat. Oct 21

October 9, 2023

We're happy to announce the start of our Young Eagles Club gatherings on the third Saturday of each month starting this month Oct 21st.

We'll meet at the Legacy Aviation Building at 2640 Aero Park Drive, starting at 12:30 and ending at 4:00PM. Parents are welcome to join for the entire gathering if you wish (and we encourage you to do so as we enjoy your participation). The Young Eagles Club is an addition to the Young Eagles flight program (generally held during the summer months) and is designed to make those flight more meaningful through an understand on the principles of flight and a look into the background of preparing for and supporting each flight.

For our first meeting we are trying to arrange a visit to the USCG Air Station to learn about their mission, people and their aircraft. They are trying to fit our visit into their schedule so please standby for further news. For this year we are planning some repeated activities and some things entirely new. At later meetings, we're planning a session on aviation navigation and weather, a visit to the Traverse City tower and discussion with a air traffic controller, a multiple session "Build & Fly" for RC model airplanes and more. We're excited to introduce young people to the world of aviation through this program.

Please register for the October 21st workshop  here:  Young Eagles Day - Registration System

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