About Us

Welcome to EAA Chapter 234.

We are a group of aviation enthusiasts, aircraft builders and pilots who get together with like-minded people to share ideas, exchange information, encourage safety, serve the local aviation community and have a lot of fun doing so.

Whether you fly, build, restore or simply enjoy airplanes and aviation, you are welcome to attend our events and join our chapter.

We'd love to see you at our next gathering or event. All are welcome!

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How does one describe an EAA member?

That question does not have a definitive answer. EAA members represent every aspect of aviation and often have multiple interests.

We fly planes. We fix planes. We even build planes.

EAA members are what we like to call the "keepers of the flame." Sure, we love airplanes. But it goes beyond that. It's about passion, camaraderie, that old can-do spirit and a grassroots way of sharing our love of aviation with others.

It’s the airplanes that bring us together.
It’s the people who keep us coming back.

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About Chapter 234

Why are we here?

Our vision

A vibrant and growing aviation community

Our mission

To grow participation in aviation by promoting the “Spirit of Aviation”

Our promise

We serve the community by:

  • Nurturing interest in aviationInspiring new participants in aviation
  • Inviting the public to experience flight
  • Protecting rights and the freedom to fly
  • Encouraging affordable flying in a local environment
  • Supporting and promoting aviation events and activities

It all started when…

EAA Chapter 234 was formed by a small group at Acme Skyport in 1965 with the primary goal of promoting aviation safety, education and fellowship.

Since then, EAA Chapter 234 has gained notoriety for a number of things, including the following:

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