Interested in helping build or own an RV-12?

Chapter members begin building an RV-12is

June 6, 2023

Chapter member Ryan has begun building an RV-12is and is looking for others who are interested in helping build, as well as those who'd be interested in owning a share in the finished aircraft.

The RV-12 is fun to fly and relatively inexpensive to operate. It seats two, cruises at about 110 knots, and has a range of about 500 miles. Read all about it or go fly one today at Giving Wings Aviation.

If you're interested in helping build, you're welcome to come by any time and check it out. No experience is necessary, although some experience helps. Email Ryan to be notified when building is happening: usually a few evenings a week, and sometimes weekend afternoons.

So far, we've finished the first section: the vertical stabilizer. It turns out building is a lot of fun! The RV-12 kit is very refined and easy to build, and goes together like a big Lego set. It just requires some basic sheet metal skills, which you can learn by watching Kitplanes' Metal Magic series on Youtube.

Please also email Ryan if you're interested in owning a share in the aircraft. We're planning on a standard flying club model with perhaps 10 members, and we expect the aircraft to cost about $120,000 to build. We plan to keep it at TVC.

Thanks to everyone who has come out already to help build, and big thanks to Giving Wings, which is letting us begin the build in their space.

You can follow along with our build progress on our builders log.

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