EAA Flight Plan: Mentoring Program For Online Ground School

Learn about the next steps AFTER your first Young Eagles Flight

October 9, 2023

We've talked to many of the Young Eagles at our meetings and flying events about the EAA Flight Plan Program. We'd encourage you to examine that if you or your student is interested in learning to fly or pursuing other aviation related interests. As a reminder there are five steps:

  1. Take a Young Eagles flight (Check!)
  2. Get a FREE EAA Student membership.
  3. Enroll in the Aero Educate program.
  4. Enroll in Sporty's learn to Fly Course or our local alternative
  5. Earn a free flight lesson.

To that end we'd like to help those students who would like to pursue studying for the Private Pilot's Written Exam by offering a program to mentor them through their online ground school course. In addition to (or instead of) the Sporty's course, our chapter is in the process of obtaining access to an alternate online course that integrates with our Virtual Reality flight simulators for an immersive education experience. We feel this may be a truly game changing way to prepare a student for flight training as well as prepare them to pass the written exam.

These sessions will be limited to youths 15-18 years old. We would expect those pursuing these courses to understand that this is a serious academic challenge equivalent to taking another class at school. We're timing this so as to prepare the student to be equipped to start flight training when the spring weather breaks (e.g. April-May). After taking (and passing) the Private Pilot Written exam, you have two years to be able to apply that result towards your Private Pilot's license. We have set tentative dates for this program to be the first and third Saturday mornings starting October 21st, however we may move the dates and frequency to suit those enrolled and the volunteer mentor's schedules.

If you're interested in this program, you can register here: Young Eagles Day - Registration System

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