Help Save the Woolsey Memorial Airport Terminal!

May 31, 2024

A group of volunteers is collecting donations to restore and preserve the historic terminal building at Northport's Woolsey Memorial Airport.

Woolsey is more than just a great fly-in destination. It's a treasured part of local history.

Here's the information provided by the group:

Donate to Save Woolsey Memorial Airport Terminal!

Our local Woolsey Airport Terminal needs your help. Leelanau Township and local volunteers have plans to repair, restore the structural integrity of the building, improve safety and durabilty, and preserve the historic terminal building. The Township has set aside $100,000 for the project. We need to raise an additional $400,000 to repair and restore the building, with $200,000 needed urgently to start the work. More details can be found here.

Please donate to the SWAT! Go Fund Me campaign

Donate by check directly to Leelanau Township, P.O. Box 338, Northport, MI 49670.

Or make a tax-deductible donation via the Leelanau Township Community Foundation "Save Woolsey Airport Terminal Fund"

The airport is named for Captain Clinton F. Woolsey who was a pilot and engineer for the US Army Air Service with a pilot license signed by Orville Wright! He served on the Pan-American Goodwill Flight to Central and South America in 1926-1927 but tragically died in Buenos Aires when his plane crashed in February 1927. His funeral and burial took place in Northport and his father, Byron Woolsey, donated eighty acres of his dairy farm for this memorial airport, including a fieldstone structure that became the airport terminal you see today. Leelanau Township gave 120 more acres for the airport and The Civil Works Administration built the airport in the winter of 1933-34. The Clinton F. Woolsey Memorial Airport was dedicated on July 14, 1935 and today still welcomes hundreds of flights every summer and is a training site for the Coast Guard and other pilots.

Help restore and preserve our historic airport terminal - Donate Today!

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